About us

As Vacas da Ulloa

As Vacas da Ulloa SCG is an associated labor cooperative that was born with the objective of developing a project of packaging, transformation and commercialization of milk and derived products, under ecological certification. These facilities are located in the village of A Cernada, not the municipality of Palas de Rei (Comarca da Ulloa).

As promoters of this initiative, we are two gandeira families who run 2 farms dedicated to the production of eco-friendly milk: Granxa A Cernada and Granxa Maruxa; Both duas are located in the Ulloa region. Na Cernada, we have been married for 20 years facing ecological agriculture and livestock, with a firm conviction that the food production model should have a positive impact on the territory, facing a rational use of two resources and favoring the conservation of the biodiversity that surrounds us. We are a total of 4 partners, who decided to take on either the challenge of fighting or the productive cycle in order to try to guarantee the future of two projects through the creation of value added.

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We have a strong commitment to defend the rural world and the agribusiness world for training, for exerting value added to the piaries of ecology and sustainability, and always, from initiatives that are very important to the heart of the village. And we understand that in order to achieve these objectives, it is essential to connect consumers with production, creating a complicity that allows us to really transform the current consumption model.

And all without leaving the village and without moving away from the farm and our cows.