Fresh Organic Milk

Fresh Organic Milk

With feet and heart in the village, milk is born SEN MÁIS.

Why this name? Because we are ranchers, that is our nature, and from such an everyday act as caring for and milking our cows, we get a unique product: simply milk. And it could not be otherwise, white and in a glass bottle, so that it reaches people preserving all the essence of this land, the region of A Ulloa, the heart of Galicia.

The organoleptic properties and characteristics of our organic milk respond to a model of sustainable livestock based on daily grazing. A 100% organic diet and a routine marked by animal welfare translate directly into a raw material of differentiated quality and taste. A fresh, ecological product, with all the hygienic-sanitary guarantees thanks to the pasteurization we carry out immediately after milking. This light heat treatment allows us to guarantee its safety while respecting the qualities and taste of fresh milk. The usual milk, SEN MÁIS.

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