Whether you like milk, or fresh pasteurized milk, it is an excellent alternative to soft cartons. These five brands are in charge of the production process and sell bottles and bags that are worth drinking.

New projects in rural areas: As Vacas da Ulloa: As Vacas da Ulloa

Ana Corredoira, one of the members of the associated work cooperative As Vacas da Ulloa, knew almost eight years ago that pasteurized milk would be her winning bet. "In 2015 they called us crazy for trying to defend a project to commercialize organic fresh milk." As Vacas da Ulloa represents the union of two cattle farms, Granxa A Cernada and Granxa Maruxa. Women who associate in the Galician countryside: this could give for a whole article. Their milk, which is marketed under the name Sen Máis, is the first product line they have put up for sale, in October 2021. “For us it was a declaration of intent: we need to defend a product what we have here We are [Lugo] the main milk-producing region in Spain, the eighth in Europe, however we have seen how consumption patterns have been changing and fresh milk has been disappearing from shopping baskets.”

Sen Máis advocates distribution in small stores where the relationship with the customer is essential, claiming a pattern of consumption that fits with the pillars of his approach: "Our ambition was to be able to transform, package and market our organic milk production, reaching directly to consumers, reconnecting the rural world with the urban world”. Solid and coherent pillars: “Our production is ecological, it is linked to a territory, to a village, and our way of producing must go hand in hand with sustainability. We defend a waste reduction model, so from the outset we have established a deposit and return system for our glass bottles, which consumers can return to the points of sale”.

As Vacas da Ulloa: A Cernada (Lugo). Tel. 982 096 038. Points of sale, here.

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