RTVE-Reduce tu huella

Learn from the past, think about the future. Our planet is our home and it's up to us to keep it alive. In this program Adela Úcar begins a journey through Spain to discover us, with her characteristic fun and optimistic tone, projects and people willing to reverse the damage that our species is causing on the planet and make the world a better place: new energies, circular economy , waste that takes on a new life, recovery of native species ...

Y como también sus viajes tendrán una consecuencia medioambiental,And since your trips will also have an environmental consequence, in the form of your carbon footprint, you will end each chapter by taking an action to offset your footprint.

In one of those trips, Adela arrives in Galicia to learn about the feminine point of view of sustainability. And we had the enormous fortune to share a couple of days with her and hers with her team, on a tour of our region, to Ulloa. en forma de huella de carbono, acabará cada capítulo llevando a cabo una acción para compensar su huella.

En uno de esos viajes, Adela llega a Galicia para conocer el punto de vista femenino de la sostenibilidad. Y tuvimos le enorme fortuna de compartir un par de jornadas con ella y su equipo, en un recorrido por nuestra comarca, a Ulloa.

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