On December 16, we received from the Association of Business Women of Lugo (AELU) one of the...

A call that grants recognition of the professional activity of women in the province. We are immensely grateful for this award, in the Son Rural Entrepreneur category. An important dose of joy and illusion after a very long road, a lot of work and dedication. What we undertake to make a dream come true: our SEN MÁIS project

We share the chronicles that detail the data of the day. A beautiful meeting where we were also able to share space with many business women and entrepreneurs, true leaders in the business world, also in the rural world. We are also happy because in this edition one of the awards in the SON EMPRESARIA category also went to a woman from the Ulloa region, from the Palas de Rei council, and a third rural entrepreneur from the Antas de Ulla council was a finalist.


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